New-ext extends Windows Explorer context menu with new commands to create files and folders. Default folder name is user configurable. One can use current system date in the new folder name, for example "My photos 27.Jun.2006".

Diff-ext  v.1. 9. 2001

Windows Explorer context menu extension to include commands for file comparison. With right click on a file or two files starts external file comparison utility. Diff-ext is a context menu extension that include commands for file comparison.


Ext Designer  v.1.2.2-48

Ext Designer is a desktop application that helps you create interfaces faster than ever in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop environment.

Total News EXT  v.1.0

We are offering you a universal news tool where you can customize practically any parameter. Extension "Total News EXT" can be used as news, the catalogue of the goods, top and as many other things.

DAO-Ext  v.0.2.2

DAO-Ext is an Adobe AIR tool that allows developers to automatically generate ActionScript Data Access Objects (DAO) and Value Objects starting from a local SQLite database. Easily generate DAO and Value Objects from a SQLite database.

Hide Folder Ext  v.1.5

This application lets you conceal a folder on external or removable drives and protect it with password. Hidden folders will be invisible if the drive connected to another computer.

Auto Mouse Clicker EXT  v.

Free automated mouse clicking on your screen by coordinates or wherever you decide to leave your mouse.

Wndlpt 0.2.7.ext  v.1.0

WndLpt is a handy 12 LPT port pins manager.

Stock It Easy ext. tracing and tracking  v.5.12.01

The stock can be managed for an unlimited number of storage locations.

Define-ext  v.0.3

A newLISP - www.

Speed Dial 3(EXT)  v.1.6.0

Speed Dial 3 is one great Chrome extension by using HTML5. It provides speed dials for top or popular sites, and is easier to open your installed chrome apps. More importantly, it organizes hundreds of popular sites' logo in the cloud,

Instant article wizard Pro

instant article wizard - chmod caculator.Set premissions for your cgi files,and other file ext.Easy to use and install with just the click of a button opn your desktop

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